Sermons will be available to listen to online or to download and listen to later on your own devices or share.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why we make them available online:

1. Catch-up

You weren’t feeling well, or enjoying time away on vacation. Whatever it may be, you missed the weekend service. Having the ability to bring up the message on your mobile phone while you drive or relax at home is convenient and helps people feel connected even if they missed service.

2. Listen again

Let’s be honest, even if you were at church for the message, you didn’t absorb everything. Babies cry, minds wander, and sometimes the message is so profound that one listen is not enough.

3. Share

The Gospel in a digital world means anyone with internet access can find and listen to the sermon. That is amazing. Sometimes our pastor phrases something so eloquently that it’s just worth sharing? Send that link instead of just talking about it.

Messages are available here.