Suggestions for Bible Studies on Line (Rev. Scott Sinclair Interim Moderator

My favourite Christian writer at this stage in Christian history is Brian D. McLaren. He writes many books and all of his books include discussion questions at the end of each chapter.
A very rich discussion could be had by a group of people that visit his website and then follow that up with a simple question by Zoom –
“What did you think of his statements?”
“What disturbed you about his point of view?”
“Having read this day’s blog entry, will it make any change in your own thinking?”

Brian McLaren

Similarly, another writer for whom I have tremendous respect is Richard Rohr. He offers a very progressive Roman Catholic view that almost makes me think there is hope for the future of the RC church. The same questions could be asked of his daily postings.

And I am always promoting, Rev. Scott McAndless, and his very insightful and creative podcast “Retelling the Bible.”
Scott always has a provocative interpretation of our familiar Bible stories. A group could listen to his podcast either together or separately and then get together either in person or online and discuss their reactions to his “retelling” of the Bible. And in this case, if there are any lingering questions you could just call up the author and challenge him on what he said.
Retelling the Bible is at