Who is Jesus?
September 11, 2016

Who is Jesus?

Passage: Mark 10:26-30 & John 14:9-14
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This Sunday
Message: Who is this Jesus?
Mark 10:26-30 & John 14:9-14
Welcome Back!

This is welcome back Sunday for many old and new friends! We are glad to see all our friends worshipping God in His building on Sunday. We will also bless the backpacks of our school children (or anyone else who has one) and bless the school supplies for our children and for children at 7 Generations Support Centre in Kitchener.

This Sunday we look into who Jesus really was as we begin our series on the key events in Jesus' life. This will not be an excruciating investigation into the "historical Jesus" or to look at whom theologians have defined him to be - but rather looking at how he described himself, those around him described him; the things he said, did and did not say or do. Our goal this week is an introduction to beginning asking the questions of who is this Jesus? And why this is important in our lives today.


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