September 18, 2016


Passage: Matthew 4:1-11
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Message: Temptation
Matthew 4:1-11

This Sunday we begin our series on the life of Jesus. We have flipped this week with next week as we have moved our elder election meeting (btw: we had 16 nominations for elders! Thank you to those who have said yes and those considering).

And this Sunday we will look at the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. In this early experience of Jesus just before he started his public ministry, Satan promises big things to Jesus if he gave into temptation, but Satan's object is NOT a one and done approach to temptation. He wants us to change our attitude toward God...to become our own Gods, to continue to sin. However we will look at how Jesus provides us the example that we can follow to stand up to the temptation we face every day.