Finding Peace
December 4, 2016

Finding Peace

Passage: Isaiah 2:1-5, 11:1-5; John 14:23-27
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On Sunday mornings we exchange the Peace of Christ. But what is the peace of Christ -what peace does Christ promise us and where do we find it? We all have different understandings of what peace is - for ourselves and for our world. The world also has several of its own definitions of peace, and peace is a word that is frequently used at his time of year to help us cope with the "Christmas chaos" at this time of year.
However when we look into Isaiah's prophecy of the coming of Jesus, we find an interesting kind of peace that is promised by God. Jesus himself says that the peace he leaves with us - is not like that of the world. In linking our three passages this week, we find the answer to our questions, an answer which will change our understanding of the Peace of Christ.
This Sunday we will also share in the sacrament of the lords table, as we remember our Saviour's promise of peace through the cross. As we approach the cross, we will approach His table and partake in the Banquet of Peace and remember his Truth.
This Sunday let us find peace in the peace of Christ.

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