Finding Love: Innkeeper and the Tax Collector
December 18, 2016

Finding Love: Innkeeper and the Tax Collector

Passage: 1 John 4:7-12
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This Sunday is the fourth Sunday in Advent - the Sunday of Love. Have you ever gone into a store and found all the price tags reversed - the $10,000 diamond necklace is $1 and the $1 costume jewelry piece is $10,000? This is completely the opposite of what we would expect. Soren Kierkegaard uses this metaphor to show how the love of God was such an expensive Christmas gift - that was made affordable to so many. On this Sunday we remember the act of total selflessness and love in the birth of the Baby Jesus. God could have chosen to continue to let the world continue in its unforgiven sin - but His love was so great and his compassion for his people so immense, that He became one of us. No that is love! No greater love has a person than to lay down their life for another person. It is hard not to want to dance and sing and give glory to God each time we realize this gift of love, unwarranted, unknown and unexpected. As we celebrate love at Christmas.
As well, this Sunday our service has a Celtic theme as we welcome Celtic music group Celtic Crossing. They will share numerous Celtic and English Christmas carols with usfeaturing the Hammered Dulcimer, fiddle, drum and the Celtic Harp. In keeping with the Celtic theme - our message this Sunday will focus on love coming down at Christmas from the perspective of Seamus O'Toole, the keeper of an inn in Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. A Celtic twist on the most important night that the world knew to that time.

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