[Easter Sunday] Morning Prayer
April 12, 2020

[Easter Sunday] Morning Prayer

Passage: John 20:1-18
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Lord God You loved this world so much that you gave your one and only Son, that we might be called your children too.

Lord help us to live in the gladness and grace of Easter Sunday, everyday.

Let us have hearts of thankfulness for your sacrifice.

Lord Jesus, you have risen to new life!



Give us new eyes with which to recognize your presence in the world around us.

Sharpen our vision so that we see beyond the ordinary and worrisome events of these stressful days and into the extraordinary reality of your grace.

Brighten our view of the world with renewed hope in the coming of your Kingdom.

Soften our gaze so that we view others with the kind of tenderness and compassion you have shown to so many.

May each day of this Easter season provide glimpses of your glory,

in your blessed name, we pray, Amen..


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