[Easter Sunday] Children’s Story “Jesus Knocking”
April 12, 2020

[Easter Sunday] Children’s Story “Jesus Knocking”

Passage: John 20:1-18
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Children’s Story  “Jesus Knocking”

A nurse on the pediatric ward, before listening to the little ones' chests, would plug the stethoscope into their ears and let them listen to their own hearts. Their eyes would always light up with awe. But she never got a response to equal four-year-old David's.

Gently he tucked the stethoscope in his ears and placed the disk over his heart. "Listen," she said, "What do you suppose that is?" He drew his eyebrows together in a puzzled line and looked up as if
lost in the mystery of the strange tap-tap-tapping deep in his chest. Then his face broke out in a wondrous grin. "Is that Jesus "?

“Whisper Jesus”  Listen to your heartbeat. Listen for the knock of Jesus upon the door of your heart. Give him all the love and praise as He has risen from the dead.

In life there's always problems cropping up to spoil our day, my friend you know the answer, all you have to do is pray. If you still feel you're defeated, and you want to run and hide. Just reach out and I'll be there right there by your side. Remember, Whisper "Jesus" for He is just a prayer away. He's so close that you can touch Him. All you have to do is pray.


Children’s Prayer - Bless all our children, Lord, as we continue our journey through this dark time. May the love of Jesus surround them and protect them, in your name we pray.



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