May 2, 2021

Abiding in God’s Love

Passage: John 15:1-17
Service Type:

May 2, 2021





Musical Prelude -  Love Lifted Me


We Praise God!


Welcome & Lighting the Christ Candle       Rev Megan Penfold

Praise:  One Thing Remains
Happiness is the Lord

Call to Worship:

L: Everyone needs compassion and the kindness of a Saviour.
R: Out of great love you have called to us and offered us forgiveness.
L: With grateful hearts we accept your gift of love.
R: We worship you, God of Love: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Sharing the Peace of Christ:

Peace before us, Peace behind us, Peace under our feet.
Peace within us, Peace above us, may all around us be peace.
The peace of Christ be with you.

Morning Prayer


Praise: It Only Takes a Spark (Pass it On)


Children’s Story   “Pass it On”      Rev Megan Penfold


We Hear God!


The Word of God:  John 15:1-17


Message: “Abiding in God’s Love”      Rev Megan Penfold


Praise: Here is Love (New)


We Serve God and One Another!


Prayers of Caring and Concerns (with the Lord’s Prayer)


Offering Prayer


Praise: The Love of God (New)



Going Out with God!



Parting Music: Farewell Dear Friends  #731


Postlude:  Loving God, Loving Each Other

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